Who We Help

Are you a CEO, COO, President, CFO, or Business owner?  In other words, is your company’s profitability among your top responsibilities?  If so, we can help.

Your Challenge

As a senior executive or business owner, it falls on your shoulders to grow your company’s profits.  You face plenty of hurdles.  Increased competition from foreign and domestic players, rising costs of labor and material, ever-mounting government regulations, and rapidly advancing technology, to name just a few.

Who We Are

We are a team of seasoned, senior, Business Advisors who are unrepentant free enterprise stalwarts.  Following decades of Fortune 500 senior executive experience, we have been consulting for over two decades.  We have helped thousands of companies improve their bottom lines.  We help companies like yours.

What We Do For You

JumpStart Profit increases your profits primarily through two means:

  1. Creating new revenue streams
  2. Eliminating avoidable costs.

First, we conduct an efficient study to analyze your opportunity.  Next, we come back with a proposal to increase your profits.  You pay nothing for the study and it only takes a couple of weeks; not months or years.  Lastly, we can effect a smooth implementation if you wish. You are in complete control of the process. There is zero risk for you.

How We Do It

Thousands of companies have increased their bottom lines by implementing our strategies.  You get access to subject matter experts on our team; senior executives with decades of experience in their respective fields.  Our portfolio is comprised of over 20 different ways we can increase your revenue and lower your costs.  The result is increasing your profits!

Size Matters

The “Middle Market” is our sweet spot.  We work best with companies with sales between $10 Million and $1 Billion.

Industries Served

Consumer Packaged Goods
and many others

Financial Services
Government Agencies,
Food and Beverage

What’s At Stake

Pundits claim that 80% of the companies started before 1980 are no longer in existence. And another 17% won’t make it the next 5 years.  What differentiates companies who make it from those that don’t?  PROFITS!  Your company’s survival is at stake.

Your Outcome

Get results. You pay us for performance, not for hype.  You don’t pay us a penny if we fail to grow your profitability by either lowering your costs, increasing your revenue or both.  You have zero risk exposure; it’s all upside.  The sooner you contact us; the more profit we can help you generate.  Contact us today!