Latest Drug Abuse Research

By Jeff Hastings | Dec 9, 2020

Latest Drug Abuse Research shows upward trend in usage.. Marijuana use has doubled. Opioids continue to be the leading cause of death.

Government Help For Business: Covid-19

By Jeff Hastings | Mar 31, 2020

Like most of us, you may be struggling with business issues under current COVID-19 conditions. How long will it last?  What do I do about my workforce?  On and on. Now there’s government help during the COVID-19 pandemic. We here at JumpStart Profit are committed to protecting and growing our clients’ profits. The Federal Government […]


How Your Employees Cheat Drug Tests

By Jeff Hastings | Nov 21, 2019

Think you maintain a drug-free workplace because you have a testing program?  You may want to take a closer look.  Why?  Because it is estimated that as many as 20% of your employees are cheating to pass their drug tests.  Read on to learn about how your employees cheat drug tests. As marijuana is decriminalized more […]


Ways To Increase Profits, Fast and Easy

By Jeff Hastings | Jul 8, 2019

If you are a business owner or a senior executive, profitability is your job one.  Be sure you know ways to increase profits, fast and easy. Did you know that cutting your expenses by as little as 8% can literally double your profits? Read on to find out how…  To illustrate, let’s look at a […]

pedestrian accident


By Jeff Hastings | May 16, 2019

First Aid Mistakes To Avoid Summer is almost upon us so it is time to be prepared for First Aid situations. First Aid mistakes, however well-intended , can cause the victim more harm than good.  The last thing in the world you want is to make an injury worse than it already is. Sooner or […]

Student Wounded

Tips To Prevent And Control School Shootings

By Jeff Hastings | May 5, 2019

Sadly, the latest school shooting recently took place in Colorado, not far from Columbine.  So school violence and shootings are concerns to all parents.  The FBI just endorsed a 16-minute video program, “Beyond Lockdown” detailing valuable tips to prevent and control school shootings.  It provides guidance for important questions. What are the warning signs?  Which […]

Stoner Couple

Latest Drug Use Trends.

By Jeff Hastings | Oct 23, 2018

As the 2018 enters its last quarter, research has been compiled and reported to show the latest drug use trends.  Across the board, the news is not good.  Incidence of abuse continues to rise as decriminalization expands.  So, addiction, accidents, and deaths are following suit.  And, here are some topline results on the latest drug […]

No Excuses

Excuses For Failed Drug Tests

By Jeff Hastings | Aug 6, 2018

Over the past 10 years, we drug tested between 50 and 100 employees every day for our clients.  In the process, we have heard quite a variety of excuses for failed drug tests. Whether you are an employer or parent being offered an excuse for a failed drug test, my best advice is “don’t buy […]

Pregnant Woman Smoking

Marijuana, Pregnancy, And Birth Defects

By Jeff Hastings | Jun 16, 2018

A recent study showed 70% of Colorado’s pot shops recommending marijuana to pregnant women (1) .  Cause for alarm is the many studies  linking marijuana, pregnancy, and birth defects.  So much so that even The March of Dimes recommends against getting high while pregnant. (2) It’s probably a good idea to abstain completely.  Even avoid consuming […]

Tips To Survive A Mass Shooting

By Jeff Hastings | Apr 5, 2018

It has been my honor to serve on the FBI Citizens’ Academy Board of Directors.  Recently, I saw some things that the FBI learned from the mass shooting tragedy at the Pulse nightclub in Florida.  For the first time in a mass shooting incident, the Pulse’s  onsite videocams were able to capture the actions of […]