Class Action

class actionDoes a company owe you a substantial sum about which you are completely unaware?

Recently, we helped one client recover over $60 million in just one class action settlement.

A 2010 study revealed that less than 7% of class members received the money owed them.  They simply did not know that these settlements existed.

Our class action service helps you get your fair share of class action recoveries.

Often these are class actions where the case is already settled and the court has deemed there has been price fixing or some other unfair practice.  Typically, the finding is that you have overpaid for a product or service.

But, if you are not even aware of the settlement, you cannot possibly collect the award.

Over 1700 clients have used our service, including many “Fortune 500” companies.  In total, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for them.

Chances are excellent that you could be due an award if you have purchased any of the following products or services in the past 23 years:

Credit Card Processing fees

Technology Products

Manufacturing Products

Transportation Services

Pharmaceutical Products

Auto Parts

Agricultural Products.

Our experts identify award possibilities for you.  Then we prepare, assemble, and submit your claims package.  We manage your claim through the processing phase, keeping you “in the loop” every step of the way.

Our fee is 33% and is completely contingent on results.  If there is no award recovery, you pay no fee.

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