Substance Abuse Supervisor Training

Substance Abuse Supervisor TrainingYOU:

You’re an employer.  As such, you are responsible for the safety of your employees in your workplace.


Did you know that 75% of drug abusers are full-time employees?  That means your managers and supervisors must be prepared to handle an impaired employee showing up for work.


  • How to tell if an employee is impaired?”
  • What to do if they suspect an employee is impaired?
  • How to test a suspected impaired employee?
  • What about legalized pot or “medical” marijuana”
  • Ways employees will try to cheat on a drug test?
  • Your rights and those of the employee?
  • The risks / costs of allowing an impaired employee remain on the job?

If you did not answer “YES!” to all the above questions, your supervisors need to be trained.  Otherwise, you are asking them to “make it up” on their own when the situation arises.  And statistics show, without doubt, the situation will arise, sooner or later.  So why not be prepared with supervisors trained to handle the situation?


We spent 10 years as a member of a group of forensic laboratories conducting drug testing for employers across America. For Fortune 100 giants to local “Mom & Pops” we tested millions of employees for drugs.  We can train your supervisors how to handle a situation when impaired employees turn up for work.


In just about 2 hours, the “Supervisor Training” video will arm your supervisors with the tools they need to handle impaired employees.


“…now we know how to create and implement an effective drug-free workplace policy…”a national transportation company.

“…our clients now understand the risks of hiring workers who abuse marijuana…” a national staffing agency.

“…our supervisors out in the field now understand the risks we run turning a blind eye to drug and alcohol abuse…” a large, regional construction company.

“…when pot was legalized, we had lots of questions.  Now we have the answers…” a national retail chain.

“…we had no idea how our employees were cheating their way through drug tests… a large regional auto dealer group.


You must be 100% happy with “Supervisor Training” or we will refund your money.  Just notify us in writing within 30 days and let us know what you found lacking so we can improve going forward.  Your feedback matters to us.


Protect your business and your employees now.  Sign up your supervisors so they will have the knowledge and tools to handle impaired employees.

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