What You Should Know About Marijuana

What You Should Know About MarijuanaYOU:

You’re an employer.  As such, you are responsible for the safety of your employees in your workplace.  With the de-criminalization of marijuana, your workers may now have certain rights.  But, so do YOU!

You need to know your rights, as well as those of your employees around de-criminalized marijuana.  Otherwise you run the risk of a costly lawsuit, or even a fatal employee accident.


We spent 10 years as a member of a group of forensic laboratories conducting drug testing for employers across America. For Fortune 100 giants to local “Mom & Pops” we tested millions of employees for drugs.  Now you can see what we have learned about marijuana in the workplace.


Marijuana de-criminalization is spreading across the Country.  As it does, we are seeing the consequences such as addiction, increased employee theft, accidents, lower productivity, higher turnover and absenteeism, and even fatalities.  You need the facts to protect yourself and your business.


In just about 90 minutes, the video presentation “What Employers Need To Know About Marijuana” discloses the facts that you need to make smart decisions about your workplace policies concerning marijuana.  For example

  • Is marijuana a recognized medicine?
  • What exactly is pot? How is it used?  What are its effects?  How did we get here?
  • Can / should you test employees for marijuana?
  • Best ways to test for pot.
  • The physical and psychiatric effects of weed.
  • The costs of having a pot smoker on the payroll.
  • What rights are granted by a “medical” marijuana card?
  • Your rights as an employer.
  • What if a new hire tests positive for weed?
  • Is passive exposure a legitimate excuse?
  • Who is behind the push to decriminalize marijuana?
  • And much, much more.


“…now we know how to create and implement an effective drug-free workplace policy…”a national transportation company.

“…our clients now understand the risks of hiring workers who abuse marijuana…” a national staffing agency.

“…our supervisors out in the field now understand the risks we run turning a blind eye to pot smoking…” a large, regional construction company.

“…when pot was legalized, we had lots of questions.  Now we have the answers…” a national retail chain.

“…we saw real world facts and scientific research, not the pro-pot propaganda and anecdotes promoted by special interest groups…” a large regional auto dealer group.


You must be 100% happy with “What Employers Need To Know About Marijuana” or we will refund your money.  Just notify us in writing within 30 days and let us know what you found lacking so we can improve going forward.  Your feedback matters to us.

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