Business Man Snorting Cocaine

Drug Abusing Employees Put Your Business at Risk

By Jeff Hastings | Jun 29, 2016

Many business owners don’t recognize the risks associated with having drug abusers on their payroll. So, they figure “Whatever my employees do on their own time is their business.  Therefore, it has no effect on my business”. However, research tells the opposite story. Fact is, drug abusing employees put your business at risk. Here are 5 examples. […]


Drug Test Cheating

By Jeff Hastings | May 27, 2016

Drug Test Cheating Is Widespread Your employees know about drug test cheating. Do you? If your collection site is not letting you know that they are detecting drug test cheating, then  you are losing the battle. Why? Because the labs can’t catch most drug test cheating.  Instead, the onus falls on the shoulders of your collection site. […]