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Should Marijuana Be Legal?

By Jeff Hastings | Sep 11, 2016

Voters across the country must soon decide, should marijuana be legal?  Marijuana’s harmful effects on physical and mental health have been well-documented.  Refer to “10 Marijuana Myths” on this website for specifics.  However, there are also other considerations when deciding should marijuana be legal. Children: Pot is especially harmful to children as their brains and […]

Protect Your Business Against Ransomware

By Jeff Hastings | Sep 10, 2016

What Is It? You’ve heard that you must protect your business against randomware.   It’s an insidious type of malware that encrypts, or locks, valuable digital files.  Then it demands a ransom to release them. How Does It Attack? In a ransomware attack you see an email addressed to you. So you open it, or click on an attachment […]

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Personal Security When Traveling

By Jeff Hastings | Sep 5, 2016

Whether for business or pleasure, you may not realize it.  However, you are a target for crime.  Yep, the fact is, many criminals target travelers for an easy score.  That’s why you need to be aware of tips for your personal security when traveling. Why do crooks target travelers?  There are several reasons.  First, travelers usually […]

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Rape Prevention After The Brock Turner Case

By Jeff Hastings | Sep 5, 2016

  The recent Stanford swimmer rape case reminds us that rape prevention needs to be on top of every woman’s mind.  Almost one in 5 American women report having been raped at some point in their lives according to The Center for Disease Control (  Also, a study from estimates that one in 10 American […]

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Secure Your Home When Traveling

By Jeff Hastings | Sep 5, 2016

Your home can be most vulnerable to burglars when you are away.  So here are some tips to help you secure your home when traveling. It is important to secure your home when traveling because  FBI compiles crime statistics that show: Every day, 5400 burglaries are committed in America.  That’s about one every 15 seconds. Homes […]


Best Home Security Tips

By Jeff Hastings | Sep 4, 2016

Here are some of the best home security tips we have found.  Why do you need to be on guard?  Because the FBI reports ( Over 2 million burglaries are committed in the US each year. Of all burglaries, 60.5 percent involved forcible entry, 33.2 percent were unlawful entries (without force), and the remainder (6.3 percent) […]


Choose The Right Gun To Buy

By Jeff Hastings | Sep 4, 2016

If you are thinking of buying a gun, you are not alone.  Because according to the FBI, June, 2016 was the 14th consecutive month of record gun sales in America. Consequently, over 2.1 million background checks were completed for new gun purchases; that’s the most since mandatory background checks became law in May, 1998.  Clearly, something […]

The Hidden Costs of Having Drug Abusing Employees

Hidden Costs of Employees Using Drugs

By Jeff Hastings | Jun 29, 2016

The Federal Government and business community are increasingly recognizing the hidden costs of employees using drugs. Abuse of drugs and alcohol is costly for our society. And, left untreated, places a burden on our workplace, our healthcare system, and our communities. A number of reports and surveys highlight the detrimental effects substance abuse has on business […]

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Drug Abusing Employees Put Your Business at Risk

By Jeff Hastings | Jun 29, 2016

Many business owners don’t recognize the risks associated with having drug abusers on their payroll. So, they figure “Whatever my employees do on their own time is their business.  Therefore, it has no effect on my business”. However, research tells the opposite story. Fact is, drug abusing employees put your business at risk. Here are 5 examples. […]


Drug Test Cheating

By Jeff Hastings | May 27, 2016

Drug Test Cheating Is Widespread Your employees know about drug test cheating. Do you? If your collection site is not letting you know that they are detecting drug test cheating, then  you are losing the battle. Why? Because the labs can’t catch most drug test cheating.  Instead, the onus falls on the shoulders of your collection site. […]

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