Health Risks of More People Smoking Pot

Dr. Marc SiegelIn a nationally-televised interview, renown physician, Dr. Marc Siegel, expressed his concerns about health risks of more people smoking pot.  That’s because marijuana usage has skyrocketed as now 29 states allow so-called “medical” marijuana and 7 permit “recreational” use.

Recent research and experience in Colorado has cast doubt on the wisdom of states rushing to decriminalize marijuana.

Dr Siegel states…

“Even if a state or a society decides that it is wise economically and politically to make marijuana legal, at the same time we must be prepared for the health consequences even more than the legal ones…. it’s clear to me that there is enough scientific evidence out there for me to discourage regular marijuana use for most people.”

Fatal Car Crashes

Car CrashDr. Siegel expressed concern about pot smokers and fatal car crashes.  In Colorado, fatal car crashes involving pot have doubled since it was decriminalized.  Similarly, a recent Columbia University study found that pot smokers are 62% more likely to be involved in a traffic fatality.

Combining both alcohol and marijuana increased the risk of a fatal crash 6-fold.

Birth Defects

Pregnant Woman SmokingNew health risks of more people smoking pot are coming to light.  Most noteworthy, in California, a Kaiser Permanente study found that 20% of young pregnant mothers smoke marijuana.  And, The Center For Disease Control asserts that marijuana smoking is harmful to infants’ health.  Specifically, it causes low birth weight.  And later on, it results in developmental and attention problems in children born of pot-smoking mothers

Physical Health Risk

Dr. Siegel referred to studies linking marijuana to heart and lung disease.  Other studies have associated pot smoking with various forms of cancer.

Mental Health Problems

Many studies associate marijuana with a lower quality of life.  Dr. Siegel refers to psychiatric disorders, anxiety and depression.  He also notes that pot smokers suffer memory loss as well as decreased performance at school and on the job.  Other studies associate pot with psychoses like schizophrenia.

In Other News

Meanwhile, linking increased pot usage to escalating violent crime, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has revoked Obama’s pro-drug policy aka “The Cole Memo” this week.

Watch Dr. Marc Siegel’s Interview on Fox News