How Your Employees Cheat Drug Tests

Think you maintain a drug-free workplace because you have a testing program?  You may want to take a closer look.  Why?  Because it is estimated that as many as 20% of your employees are cheating to pass their drug tests. 

Read on to learn about how your employees cheat drug tests.

As marijuana is decriminalized more and more, usage of pot and other illicit drugs has burgeoned. As drug usage expands, more and more employees cheat drug tests to pass.

Drug Test Cheats: What Can You Do?

As an employer, you cannot afford to have impaired employees in your workplace.  They cost you too much in terms of absenteeism, turnover, accidents, worker’s comp, and theft.

Check out this video to learn more about how your employees cheat drug tests.

Substance Abuse Supervisor Training – A comprehensive training program that will arm your supervisors with the tools they need to handle impaired employees.

Impaired employees cost employers billions every year.  You need to protect your profits by providing a safe, Drug Free Workplace.  Are your supervisors and managers trained how to handle impaired employees?  

Can they recognize the signs of impairment for alcohol?  Marijuana?  Opiates?  Other drugs?  And will they know how to handle an impaired employee so they protect your company, and still respect the employee’s rights?

Making a mistake when handling an impaired employee can cost you plenty in court. Make sure your supervisors and managers are trained to handle impaired employee situations.

For more on how to handle impaired employees, be sure and take a look at our comprehensive Substance Abuse Supervisor Training.