Synthetic Pot Packages

Synthetic Pot Emergency Room Visits

By Jeff Hastings | Mar 31, 2018

Synthetic marijuana (aka Spice or K2) use has grown dramatically in recent years.  Correspondingly, recent reports are showing a spike in synthetic pot emergency room visits.  Symptoms include excessive bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears, and gums (1).  Alarmingly, others report seizures and even death (2) What Is Synthetic Marijuana? Synthetic pot first showed up […]

Overdose Deaths Involving Opioids 2000-2016

What The Opioid Epidemic Means To You

By Jeff Hastings | Feb 26, 2018

Odds are your family or business has already been affected by America’s Opioid epidemic. If not yet, stay tuned. Chances are your time is coming soon. Read on to learn what the Opioid epidemic means to you.

Dr. Marc Siegel on Fox News

Health Risks of More People Smoking Pot

By Jeff Hastings | Jan 8, 2018

In a nationally-televised interview, renown physician, Dr. Marc Siegel, expressed his concerns about health risks of more people smoking pot.  That’s because marijuana usage has skyrocketed as now 29 states allow so-called “medical” marijuana and 7 permit “recreational” use. Recent research and experience in Colorado has cast doubt on the wisdom of states rushing to […]

Fentanyl Sacramento

Fentanyl Abuse: An Emerging Deadly Threat

By Jeff Hastings | Oct 11, 2017

You need to know about Fentanyl abuse, an emerging deadly threat. Fentanyl is a growing menace in America’s burgeoning prescription drug overdose epidemic.

Chasing The Dragon

What You Should Know About America’s Opioid Addiction Epidemic

By Jeff Hastings | Aug 1, 2017

Drug abuse and related deaths continue to rise in The United States.  That’s why the FBI and the DEA joined forces to create a film to show what you should know about America’s Opioid addiction epidemic.  So, check out the 40-minute documentary below, titled “Chasing The Dragon”. It is an epidemic because prescription drug overdose deaths […]

Employee Protection

New Workplace Marijuana Rights

By Jeff Hastings | Jul 14, 2017

Employers need to know about changing marijuana laws and how they affect the workplace. Do you need to accommodate weed users?


New OSHA Post-Accident Drug Test Rule

By Jeff Hastings | Mar 17, 2017

Confusing New OSHA Rule On May 12, 2016, OSHA passed a new Post-Accident drug test rule. Unfortunately, it left employers wondering how they could comply with the new rule and still maintain a safe, Drug free Workplace. You can see the ruling here: OSHA’s Final Rule on Post-Accident Drug Testing Lawsuits were filed. Motions were made. Attorneys bought new vacation […]

Help Wanted2

Employers Struggle Finding Drug-Free Applicants

By Jeff Hastings | Dec 26, 2016

As drugs become decriminalized and abuse expands, employers struggle finding drug-free applicants.  To illustrate, a recent article from the Korn Ferry Institute told of a Texas employer.  They needed to hire a large group of employees.  So, plenty of candidates applied.  However, they were disappointed when fewer than half the applicants could pass a drug test. […]


Fentanyl Update From The DEA

By Jeff Hastings | Dec 20, 2016

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) just released its annual Drug Threat Assessment for 2016.  There is disconcerting news in the Fentanyl update from the DEA. Opioid Epidemic: The opioid epidemic is fueling a growing population of heroin users in the United States. Which, in turn, results in more overdoses and deaths.  In 2014, about 129 […]


Opiates And Benzos Mix Lethal

By Jeff Hastings | Dec 18, 2016

Everybody knows that combining drugs can be risky business.  Unfortunately, some are finding the Opiates and Benzos mix lethal.  In fact, the State of Ohio switched to an Opiate / Benzo cocktail when they had supply problems obtaining the drugs they normally use for execution.  Gruesome. Opiates: Traditionally, we thought of opiates as Morphine, Codeine, […]