Legalize Marijuana? Lessons From Colorado. No on Prop 64.

This election, many states will be voting on de-criminalizing marijuana.  Some may allow so-called “medical” marijuana.  Further, others may vote to make it an altogether legal product.  So, before you vote to legalize marijuana, take a look at lessons we have learned from Colorado.  seal_of_colorado-svgThe State has the longest record of legalized pot and results may shock you. Legalize Marijuana? Lessons From Colorado.  No on Prop 64.

Just released (Sept., 2016) tracking study from Rocky Mountain HIDTA, follows legal marijuana results in Colorado.  The findings will make voters think twice about de-criminalizing marijuana.

Reference PDF – The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado (The Impact)

10 Myths About Marijuana

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Car CrashImpaired Driving:

  • Since pot legalization, marijuana-related traffic deaths have increased 48% (3-year pre vs post)
  • During the same time, all traffic deaths increased 11 %.
  • Operators testing pot positive in traffic fatalities have doubled since legalization.

Girl SmokingYouth Usage:

  • Since legalization, Colorado youth usage has increased 20%.
  • Colorado youth usage is now #1` among all states (was #4 prior to legalization).
  • Past month usage among Colorado youth is now 74% higher than national average.

StonerAdult Usage:

  • Adult past-month usage increased 63% since legalization (vs. 21% national average).
  • Colorado adult usage is 104% higher than the national average.
  • With condolences to California, Colorado is now the #1 most stoned state in the union.


  • Crime has increased in Denver since marijuana decriminalization according to the Sheriff.
  • Colorado’s tax revenue from marijuana contributed only about 0.5 percent of the State’s budget.
  • The Sheriff reports that the “Black Market” / Organized Crime is thriving under legalized marijuana.
  • Pot shops have proliferated with 424 statewide at the start of 2016.  That compares to 322 Starbucks and 202 McDonalds.  As one resident stated…“seems like now there’s a shop selling dope on every corner“.
  • Many municipalities are passing ordinances against marijuana due to its negative impact.

What’s Driving Decriminalization?

  1. Big Money.  Investors like billionaire George Soros are pouring millions into pro-pot propaganda because legalization opens the door for commercialization.  The former head of strategy for Microsoft has said he wants to…”create the Starbucks of Marijuana”.starbucks
  2. Politicians.  While politicians like Gavin Newsome will talk about more tax revenue for schools, what they really want is a new source of lobbyist money for their campaign coffers.
  3. Media.  The media are pro-pot.  Why?  Follow the money!  Marijuana marketers will spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on television, radio, print, and online advertising.
  4. Baby Boomer Naivete.  Sadly, the Woodstock generation underestimates the danger of today’s marijuana.  The weed they smoked “back in the day” was a mere 3-5% THC content.  So, what was the harm, right?  Well today’s pot can be 20 to 30% THC causing severe physical and mental complications.  The “dabs’ being sold can contain as much as 90% THC.  Unlike “back in the day” today’s super-powerful pot sends more people to the emergency rooms than heroin and methamphetamine combined.

So think twice before you vote on decriminalization this Fall.  Let’s take a lesson from Colorado so we don’t end up with the same troubles.

If you live in California, vote “NO” on Prop 64.