Tips To Prevent And Control School Shootings

Student WoundedSadly, the latest school shooting recently took place in Colorado, not far from Columbine.  So school violence and shootings are concerns to all parents.  The FBI just endorsed a 16-minute video program, Beyond Lockdown” detailing valuable tips to prevent and control school shootings.  It provides guidance for important questions.

What are the warning signs?  Which actions should you take when you see those signs?  What should you do when a shooter attacks your school?  Spend 16 minutes to pick up some valuable tips to prevent and control school shootings.  And you could save some lives.

The Myth:

A common myth is that there “were no warning signs”.  The shooter’s actions came “out of the blue”.  However, research shows that’s just not the case.  In fact, eight out of ten shooters are reported to have told somebody about their plans.  Also, shooters prepare for their violence.  They conduct research.  Then they select targets.  And they create a plan.

Awareness + Action = Prevention

The video provides specific tips to prevent and control school shootings.  The first step is to learn the warning signs. There are specific actions and behaviors that can be “red flags”.   Become aware of what you need to watch out for.  Then you will see suggested actions to take once you become aware of a threat.  So, the keys to prevention are to be aware of the danger signs and know appropriate action to take.

Active Shooter Situations:

Flee ShootingAn active shooter showing up at school is every parent’s nightmare.  And knowing what to do in an active shooter situation can mean the difference between life and death. See Tips To Survive A Mass Shooting.

The first and best option is to flee; get away from the shooter.  If that is not possible, your second-best option is to hide.  As a last resort, you may make the personal choice to fight and subdue the assailant.

We highly recommend viewing “Beyond Lockdown” for life-saving tips to prevent and control school shootings.  Spending 16 minutes can save the lives of those you love.